Unsuccessful Americanization of English Football

Posted by Alan Kovan on April 21, 2021 (0 Comments)

How many Americans(and one S African) does it take to ruin over 100 years English Football? Five apparently.

What the hell? How much money do you need? Billionaire owners get together to hatch a European Super League that in effect ruins the trust fans have with their teams. This may go back generations in many families. All for more money. Greedy assholes.

You wonder why Americans are disliked in many parts of the world. This is Exhibit A in sports. When it seems like us Americans have righted a four years mistake by barely electing a different President and on the same day as the Derek Chauvin verdict was announced this miserable ESL idea crumbled.

Granted I am American. I am a HUGE sports fan. My love of Baseball and Baseball history is deep rooted. Much like it is in many families. Baseball is the sport that is woven through the fabric of American life in my opinion. Much like Hockey is to Canada and Football(Soccer) is to England and Europe as well as South America. So I can only imagine how I would feel if someone decided to mess with the Detroit Tigers. Move them. Have them join a different league. I would be devastated. Now take English football which is the equivalent of rolling all four major American sports: MLB, NFL, NBA & NHL into one. Then in one statement ruining the long earned trust between fans and team.

That is what those five assholes pictured above attempted. Four of the five are Americans. Being American I obviously am not anti-American but it really upsets me when these five greedy mofo's messed with the generational devotion many English football fans have with their teams. Four of the five happen to be American.

The backlash should be interesting and well deserved. All for money.


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