Goodbye to a major impact on me as a kid.

Posted by Alan Kovan on February 09, 2022 (0 Comments)

I said goodbye today to someone who had a major impact on me as a kid growing up. He played baseball with my father at Central High School in Detroit in the late 40's and remained a very close friend of my parents. He was also a big Detroit sports fan and had season tickets to the: Pistons, Red Wings and Tigers.

He knew that my brothers and I were massive sports fans and when there were tickets that were not being used we often got "the" phone call. I distinctly remember my mother or father asking me if I wanted whatever tickets that were on offer. We never said no. Usually Pistons games at Cobo Arena, Red Wings games at Olympia & Joe Louis and Tigers games at Tiger Stadium. 

When I was buying up remaining stock of sports memorabilia from shops down by Tiger Stadium I found an 8 x 10 of Hank Greenberg, Babe Ruth, Charlie Gehringer & Lou Gehrig. 

I thought of one person. Put it in a frame and delivered it to him. I simply said thank you. He asked for what? I told him how much all the sports tickets he gave us as kids meant. I just wanted to thank him.

He stayed close with all of us kids as we became adults. He always took an interest in what we were doing. He and his wife were there when both of my parents passed away. He was just a sweetheart of a guy or as they say in Yiddish "a mensch".

There are few higher Jewish compliments to pay someone than to call them a mensch, though, of course, a true mensch would be too modest to want to be complimented.

A mensch is a person who can be relied on to act with honour and integrity. But the Yiddish term means more than that: it also suggests someone who is kind and considerate.

Not much higher praise than you can be remembered by.

One more time.

Thank you Bob.

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